Oxford University Press names ‘riz’ as word of the year


LONDON (AP) — Oxford University Press has declared “riz” the word of the year, highlighting the popularity of the word used by Generation Z to describe the ability to attract or attract another person. Is.

It topped “Swifty” (an avid fan of Taylor Swift), “Situationship” (a casual romantic or sexual relationship) and “Prompt” (an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program) in the annual judging by the publisher’s experts. . Multivolume Oxford English Dictionary.

Four finalists were selected by public vote and the winner was announced on Monday.

The word rise is believed to come from the middle word charisma, and can be used as a verb, such as to “rise up” or to talk someone up, the publisher said.

The publisher said, “It reveals how younger generations create spaces – online or in person – where they adopt and define the language they use.” “From activism to dating and broader culture, as Gen Z has a greater impact on society, the differences in attitudes and lifestyle are also reflected in the language.”

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