Mississippi Department of Health says some medical marijuana products are being retested for safety

Jackson, Miss. (AP) - The mississippi The state health department said Wednesday that a "large number" of medical marijuana products have been put on hold so they can be retested.

The department had first issued the hold on December 21.

A news release from the department said the products are being re-tested "to validate the results related to pesticide use and the presence of mycotoxins, which are produced by fungi." The department said no illnesses have been reported from the products.

The department is overseeing new testing of medical cannabis products in licensed testing facilities.

"Through the state's seed-to-sale tracking system, the agency can isolate the batch and lot numbers associated with this administrative hold and expedite re-testing," said Laura Goodson, director of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program. " “Invaluable tool to aid in regulatory compliance and overall product safety.”

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Re-testing is prioritized depending on the type of medical cannabis products. Cannabis flower or bud was being tested first as it is the base for many products, followed by concentrates and infused products.

The department said that as soon as the batches of products are approved, the ban on them will be lifted and the products will be back in the market.

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