Boebert changed congressional districts, avoiding a Democratic rival who had drawn her


DENVER (AP) — Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert announced Wednesday she is changing congressional districts, avoiding a potential rematch against a Democrat who has outpolled her and an embarrassment of groping and shouting. After the moment, which shook even the loyal supporters.

In a Facebook video Wednesday evening, Boebert announced she would enter the crowded Republican primary to take on retiring Rep. Ken Buck’s seat in the eastern part of the state, abandoning the more competitive 3rd District seat she barely won last year. And there was a danger of losing next time. This year, some people in his party are also angry with his controversial conduct.

Boebert called it “a new beginning”, acknowledging the difficult year following her divorce with her husband and the video of her abuse with a date at a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice” in Denver. He already faced a primary challenge in his district, as well as a general election with Democrat Adam Frisch, who came within a few hundred votes of defeating him in 2022.

Instead, if Boebert wins the primary to replace Buck, she will run in the state’s most conservative district, which former President Donald Trump won by about 20 percentage points in 2020, while his margin in her district was about 8 percentage points. It was of marks.

“This is the right move for me personally, and it is the right decision for those who support our conservative movement. This is the right move for Colorado, for us,” Boebert said in his video. “We have to defend our majority in the House, win the Senate and win the presidency.”

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Boebert caused a stir in the political world in 2020 by scoring a surprise primary victory against the outgoing Republican congressman in the 3rd District, when she ran a gun-themed restaurant in the town of Rifle, Colorado. He then tried to enter the US Capitol carrying a pistol and began brawling with prominent liberal Democrats like Representative Ilhan Omar and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

However, his constituents grew tired of his antics, and in 2022 they almost handed the seat to Frisch in a district where there was a tradition of electing low-key pragmatists. Boebert had an even more difficult year following the revelation of the music video in Denver, for which she apologized.

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