Embattled Sacramento City Council member resigns after federal indictment


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A city council member in Sacramento, CaliforniaHe resigned on Thursday, just weeks after pleaded not guilty On federal charges that he hired undocumented workers at his local grocery stores, underpaid them and defrauded the government of COVID-19 relief funds.

The US Justice Department’s December indictment charges Shawn Loloi, 53, with conspiracy to defraud the federal Labor Department, possessing and using false immigration documents, obstruction of agency proceedings and wire fraud.

The Justice Department also determined that Loloi does not live in the district he represents, but rather in Granite Bay, northeast of the city. sacramento bee First reported in June 2022.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg and some council members publicly called for Loloi’s resignation in late December.

“I am resigning because of the politically motivated circus recently created by Mayor Steinberg and his attempt to cover up his many shortcomings as Mayor of Sacramento,” Loloi said in a video message posted on YouTube on Thursday. I am.” “I love this city and my district too much for the mayor to use my position as a distraction. “This is not fair to Sacramento and its constituents.”

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Steinberg has not yet named the person the council might appoint to serve the remainder of the term, which ends in December 2024.

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