B-1 bomber crashes at South Dakota Air Force base, crew ejects safely

WASHINGTON (AP) — A B-1 Lancer bomber crashed Thursday from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, killing all four crew members, the Air Force said.

The B-1 crashed while attempting to land at the installation at approximately 5:50 pm today. It was on a training mission at the time of the accident. There were four aircrew on board the plane. "All four ejected safely," Ellsworth's 28th Bomb Wing said in a statement.

According to the automatic weather reporting equipment that records airfield conditions, visibility was low due to subzero temperatures and low clouds at the time of the accident.

The B-1 is a conventional supersonic bomber that first entered service in the 1980s. It has been used to support the US bomber presence in the Asia-Pacific region and conduct close air support missions in US operations in Afghanistan. It does not possess nuclear weapons.

While 100 were originally built, less than 60 are in service at Dyess Air Force Base and Ellsworth Air Force Base in Texas.

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