Trump supporters try again to recall Wisconsin GOP Assembly speaker as first effort stalls


Madison, Wis. (AP) – Supporters of former President Donald Trump are launching a second attempt to remember Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has been removed from office after a failed first attempt.

Recall organizers filed paperwork to launch a second recall effort on Wednesday, just a day after they asked the court to allow more time to rehabilitate the signatures, which Vos had challenged on the first recall petition. Organizers said Thursday they were not giving up hope on the first attempt, calling the new attempt a “concurrent” effort.

The second recall effort said he was accused of “tacit support for the Chinese Communist Party”, lack of commitment to election integrity, opposing lower drug prices, and “gross disrespect towards his own voters by calling them ‘weirdos.’ Reason must be recalled. Fool and fool.”

you like this he commented Last week’s recall effort was met with ridicule, including mocking his claims that he was secretly working for the Chinese government.

“The strange people who ran the recall against me said I was an agent of the Chinese Communist Party,” he said at’s luncheon. “That was the last text he sent in desperation to show people that I’m not a conservative Republican.

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Vos, the longest-serving Assembly speaker in Wisconsin history, declined to comment Thursday on the latest recall effort.

Recall organizer Matthew Snorek did not respond to an email seeking comment. Recall organizers said in a statement Thursday that their goal is to “strengthen the integrity of the recall process, ensuring that every step we take is marked by accuracy, transparency and trust.”

Ultimately, it is up to the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission to determine whether enough valid signatures have been collected to recall the election. The commission has not voted on the first filing, but its preliminary review found it Not enough valid signatures Votes collected from residents of the district were chosen to represent.

But because Vos now lives in a different district new maps Following passage by the Legislature, the Elections Commission has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to clarify where any recalls would occur. It will also determine where the petition signatures should come from and how many need to be collected.

The Supreme Court has not yet said whether or when it will rule on that question.

Recall organizers faced a Tuesday deadline to rebut challenges made by Vos regarding his signatures. Instead, he asked the Dane County Circuit Court to allow more time to review the challenges. In a petition filed in the court, organizers asked that they have up to five days after the Supreme Court rules on which district limits are in effect.

The Circuit Court scheduled a hearing in that case for Friday.

Vos has said that the first recall petition “grossly lacked” the required signatures, regardless of which legislative district was used, and was rife with fraudulent and criminal activity. The Racine County district attorney was also investigating claims that the petitions included names of people who had not signed it.

election Commission There is time till 11th April To decide whether there are enough valid signatures on the original petition to order a recall election. Its decision can be appealed in court. If successful, a recall is likely to be scheduled for June.

The new recall petition will be granted on May 28, meaning any recall election is unlikely to be held until September. That would put it after the August 13 primary election, where Vos could face a challenger before the November general election.

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