The Supreme Court may decide on Monday whether Trump can be prevented from voting in 2024.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump may find out on Monday whether Supreme Court let him go Appear on this year’s ballot As the leading Republican presidential candidates try to lock down their party’s nomination.

The judge is expected to decide at least one case on Monday, strongly indicating a resolution to the case colorado This threatens to shut Trump out of some state ballots as he attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss. Any opinion will be posted on Court website Starting just after 10 a.m. EST.

Trump is challenging the Colorado Supreme Court’s unprecedented ruling that he is ineligible to run for president again and ineligible to run for office in the state’s primary election, which is on Tuesday.

The resolution of the case on Monday, a day before Super Tuesday contests in 16 states, will remove uncertainty about whether votes for Trump will ultimately be counted. Both parties had requested the court to act expeditiously, on which heard the arguments Less than a month ago, on February 8th.

The judge then seemed ready to rule in Trump’s favor.

The Colorado court was the first court to enforce a post-Civil War constitutional provision intended to bar those “in rebellion” from holding office. Trump has since also been barred from primary voting in Illinois IHowever, both decisions, along with Colorado’s, are on hold pending the outcome of the Supreme Court case.

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The Supreme Court has never yet ruled on the provision of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The court indicated on Sunday that at least one case would be decided on Monday, following its tradition of not saying which one. But it also deviated from its normal practice in some cases, raising expectations that it would be a case of Trump ballots that would be handed over.

Except as the term ends near the end of June, the court almost always issues decisions on days when the judges are scheduled to take the bench. But the next scheduled court day is not until March 15. And except during the coronavirus pandemic when the court was closed, judges almost always read summaries of their opinions in the courtroom. They will not be there on Monday.

Separately, judges last week agreed to hear arguments in late April on whether Trump could be criminally prosecuted on election interference charges, including his role in the election. January 6, 2021, attack At the US Capitol. The court’s decision to step into the politically charged case, which has little precedent to guide it, raises questions about whether Trump will stand trial before the November election.

Former President faces 91 criminal charges four prosecutions, Of those, the only case whose hearing date is about to be fixed is his state case New York, where he has been accused of falsifying business records in connection with hush money payments to a porn actor. That case is scheduled to be heard on March 25 and the judge has signaled his determination to proceed.

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