Gunman breaks into Colorado Supreme Court building; Police say break-in unrelated to Trump case


DENVER (AP) — A man leaving the scene of a car accident was shot and killed Tuesday. colorado Officials said “extensive damage” was caused to the Supreme Court building before police arrested him, and the incident appeared to be unrelated to the court. Recent decision banning former President Donald Trump By ballot.

Colorado judges have been receiving threats since they ruled 4-3 last month that a rarely used constitutional provision that bars people from office “involved in insurrection” applies to Trump. However, officials said Tuesday’s incident appears to be unrelated to that case. hope from trump appeal that decision Later Tuesday at the U.S. Supreme Court.

“CSP and DPD are taking this incident seriously, but at this time, it is not believed to be connected to previous threats to Colorado Supreme Court justices,” the Colorado State Patrol said in a statement. State Patrol and Denver Police Department.

The car crash happened at 1:15 a.m. near the building in downtown Denver after one driver pointed a handgun at the other, according to a statement from the State Patrol, which oversees security at the building. Officials said that soon after, the gunman opened fire through the window of the Supreme Court building and entered inside.

The statement did not identify the gunman, but said he overpowered an unarmed security guard and took a key that allowed him access to the rest of the building. He went to the seventh floor, where he fired further shots and then called 911 at 3 a.m.

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The statement said the gunman voluntarily surrendered to police and no other people were injured.

Several hours after the accident a large broken window could be seen on the ground floor of the building, its glass scattered on the sidewalk along a busy city street. A state patrol guarded it.

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