Facebook parent Meta sues FTC, claiming ‘unconstitutional authority’ in child privacy case


MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — The parent company of Instagram and Facebook has sued the Federal Trade Commission in an effort to stop the agency from reopening a 2020 privacy agreement with the company that barred it from using data it collected on users. Will stop you from earning profit. under 18.

In a lawsuit filed late Wednesday in federal court in Washington, DC, Meta Platform Inc. said it is challenging “structurally unconstitutional authority exercised by the FTC” in reopening the privacy agreement.

“Meta respectfully requests that this Court declare that certain fundamental aspects of the Commission’s structure violate the U.S. Constitution, and that these violations render the FTC proceedings against Meta unlawful,” the company said in its complaint.

The controversy stems from a 2020 consent agreement Meta also teamed up with the FTC to fine the social media giant a record $5 billion over privacy violations.

In May this year, the FTC said that Meta has Failed to fully comply with the 2020 agreement And proposed sweeping changes to the agreement, including barring Meta from making money from data collected on minors. This will include data collected through its virtual-reality products.

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The FTC had no comment on the lawsuit.

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