Boston Tea Party turns 250 years old with reenactment of revolutionary protests

BOSTON (AP) — Patriotic crowds and Harbor tea-dumping returned to Boston on Saturday as the city marked the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary War that preceded America's independence.

Commemorations of the Boston Tea Party included scheduled re-enactments of the throwing of tea leaves into the city's harbor and community meetings that preceded the humiliating act on December 16, 1773. City officials were expecting thousands of visitors for the festival.

The tea for reparations was being supplied by the East India Company, the same British company that was at the center of the raging controversy.

Protesting "taxation without representation", members of the Sons of Liberty and others boarded East India Company ships and transported their precious tea – approximately 92,000 pounds of tea, worth approximately $2 million today – to the murky waters of Boston Harbor. Thrown in water.

The British would respond with military rule and other restrictions on Massachusetts, stoking American opposition to colonial rule.

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The Tea Party is considered a key event leading to the Revolutionary War.

“It's a reminder to all of us, not just here in the United States but around the world, that democracy is in action: doing the right thing for our friends, our families, our homes, our future, no matter what.” Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said at a news conference previewing the anniversary Friday.

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