Beyonce says new music, ‘Act II’ will be released in March

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Beyoncé... is back?

After the airing of the Verizon commercial starring Beyoncé during the super bowl Ending with the superstar saying "they're ready, drop new music," the question became - was she serious? Later, A mysterious Instagram video On March 29, native iconography appeared on his page, teasing "Act II".

This appears to be on its official website Too. Under the "Music" tab, two titles are listed – presumably referencing the new song titles. they are "texas Catch 'Em" and "16 Carts."

At the end of the clip, a funky acoustic guitar riff plays, and Bey's unmistakable voice is heard. She sings, "This ain't Texas/Ain't no catch/So put down your cards," in a Southern twang.

Beyoncé's 2022 album "Renaissance" is often referred to as "Act I: Renaissance".

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In a mostly fictional Verizon ad that aired moments before Instagram's announcement, Beyoncé used several tactics to try to break the Internet.

Taking on a consulting role with former "Veep" star Tony Hale, she opens a "Lemonade" stand, releases a saxophone album called "Let's Get Saxy", plays her own version of the "Barbie" movie called "Barbie". She creates a version of herself, sells a cyborg version of herself, races to be the "Beyoncé of the United States of America", and blasts off in a rocket to become the first woman in space.

When Hale told him that none of this worked, he said over the space ship intercom, "Okay, be prepared: drop new music."

The telecast shortly thereafter also showed Beyoncé watching the Super Bowl with her husband Jay-Z at Allegiant Stadium.

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