Belarus leader says Russian nuclear weapons shipment complete, raising concerns in region


TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Belarus’s president said Monday that Russia has done its job consignment of strategic nuclear weapons For his own country, an initiative that caused deep concerns in neighboring Poland and elsewhere in the region.

President Alexander Lukashenko told a meeting of the Moscow-led economic bloc in St. Petersburg that the shipment was completed in October, but he did not say how many weapons were sent or where they were deployed.

Tactical nuclear weapons, meant for use on the battlefield, have shorter range and lower yield than more powerful nuclear weapons fitted to long-range missiles. Russia said it would maintain control over people deported to Belarus.

Lukashenko said Hosting Russian nuclear weapons in one’s home country means deterring aggression from NATO member Poland. Poland is offering military, humanitarian and political support to neighboring Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression and is participating in international sanctions on Russia and Belarus.

Russian troops based in Belarus invaded Ukraine from the north in the early days of the war, but Belarusian forces are not known to have participated.

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