A lithium-ion battery fire in the hold of a cargo ship has been extinguished after burning for several days


According to a Coast Guard press release, the 19 crew members of the ship Genius Star XI were safe and technicians from the salvage and marine firefighting team were present on board to ensure that the fire did not return.

“This protected anchorage … will allow the ship to remain stable, reducing the risk of fire as we continue our response,” Capt. Chris Culpepper said in the press release. The response will begin as soon as the effort is finished.

The Genius Star XI was shipping lithium-ion batteries from Vietnam to San Diego. The crew reported the fire to the Coast Guard on Thursday morning, after pumping carbon dioxide into Hold No. 1 – where the fire started – and sealing it due to fears of an explosion.

The Coast Guard diverted the 410-foot (125 m) cargo ship to Dutch Harbor, one of the nation’s busiest fishing ports in the Aleutian Islands, about 800 miles (1,287 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage. Located in Unalaska.

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Upon arrival Friday, the Genius Star Had done the work. Mike Salerno said in an email to The Associated Press.

According to the ship’s owners, there has been no oil spill linked to the fire. Wisdom Marine Group,

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