515 people injured in Beijing train collision as heavy snow hits Chinese capital

BEIJING (AP) — Two subway trains collided amid heavy snow in Beijing, sending 515 people to hospitals, including 102 with broken bones, authorities said Friday.

The accident happened Thursday evening on the upper section of the Changping Line of the vast metro system in the mountainous west of Beijing.

Due to slippery tracks, automatic brakes were applied on the moving train. The city transport authority said in a statement on its social media account on Friday that a train coming from behind was going downhill and skidded and failed to brake in time.

It said emergency medical personnel, police and transportation officials responded and all passengers were evacuated by about 11 p.m. Twenty-five passengers were under observation and 67 remained hospitalized Friday morning, the authority said.

Some train operations were suspended and schools closed due to unusually heavy snowfall that began on Wednesday.

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An alert is in place regarding icy roads, extreme cold and further snowfall. The temperature was due to fall below minus 11 °C (12 °F) overnight. No deaths have been reported from the winter storm that hit large parts of northern China. Beijing's winters are bitterly cold, but heavy snowfall is rare.

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