North Carolina lawmakers say video gambling machine law could resurface this year


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Interest in authorizing more casinos North Carolina Based on comments from top General Assembly leaders, action appears to be slow during this year’s upcoming legislative session. But this week he suggested that efforts to approve and regulate video gambling machines could resurface in the spring.

Senate leader Phil Berger, a strong supporter of building casinos that bring jobs and revenue to rural areas, told reporters Wednesday that he has no plans to advance casino legislation in the work session that begins in late April. He said he had not had any conversations with any members that “would give me confidence that anyone would help move forward with this idea”.

House Speaker Tim Moore said separately on Wednesday that there has been more discussion this year about reviving legislation for video lottery terminals, which was a favorite element of the 2023 gambling package for many of his colleagues.

The 2023 bill “kind of completely derailed that,” Moore said.

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Moore said that more people may be willing to authorize video machines, which he compared to the modernization of scratch-off lottery games. A financial analysis conducted by General Assembly staff on the video machine portion of the 2023 gambling package estimated that it could generate more than $400 million annually for the state by mid-2028.

Berger said that although he is aware of discussions among lawmakers about video machines, there may not be enough time to work through the legislation during the session. Sessions in even-numbered years have historically often lasted only two or three months.

“Some of it may require a little more runway than we would have for the shorter season,” he said.

Any revival of gambling laws is sure to again be opposed by a coalition of Christian conservatives and liberal MPs who warn against gambling addiction and that additional games will harm families and children.

There are currently three casinos in the state, operated by two American Indian tribes.

More gambling options are emerging. State lotteries expand their offering of online games, or digital instant, in November. And Legalized sports betting will begin The result of separate legislation approved by Gov. Roy Cooper and signed into law as early as March 11, 2023.

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