Joe Koy ready to fulfill childhood dream of hosting the Golden Globes

Los Angeles (AP) - which one Like remember watching major awards ceremonies golden globes Trying to guess the winners on my living room couch with my mom.

It was a ritual that Koy had treasured since childhood. Since then, he has evolved as a comedian, including various stand-up features and numerous acting credits Last year's film "Easter Sunday."

On Sunday, Coy will fulfill his childhood dream of hosting the Globes - looking to return to form after years of being tarnished by scandal. He calls his upcoming duties a "huge moment."

"It's a memory from my childhood and now I'm the guy on the stage," said Koy, the second Asian host in Globes history. (Sandra Oh moved on to the show in 2019.) He wants to inspire people in the Asian community in his first major hosting gig.

"Being a kid and watching TV and not having so many role models to indirectly inspire me, that's what matters to me," said the Filipino American actor, whose "Easter Sunday" film became his first big hit with All Made a studio film. -Filipino attire. He has released five stand-up specials on Comedy Central and Netflix, including his most recent Netflix special, "Live from the Los Angeles Forum".

"I know there are kids out there who will be watching the Globes," he said. "And now when they see it, it's like 'Oh, it's possible. I can do it.' Things aren't as blurry anymore. It's not just two colors on the palette. Sometimes three. Every color is on the palette. It's a beautiful moment. I really want to make sure I knock it out of the park.

Coy hopes to make a positive impression at the Globes, the first major telecast of awards season. It airs live at 5pm Pacific on CBS and Paramount+ for users with a Showtime subscription.

The show is known as a boozy celebration with a more party-like atmosphere than its Academy Awards counterparts from television and film.

But the Globes faced tremendous backlash after one 2021 report The Los Angeles Times found that there were zero black members in a group that included only 87 foreign journalists. Membership has since been revamped With a voting body of 300.

All signs point to a great show, which will include Presenter Such as Michelle Yeoh, Will Ferrell, Angela Bassett, America Ferrera and Amanda Seyfried.

Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" It leads the Globes nominations with nine, including best picture musical or comedy as well as acting nominations for Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and its three original song, It is closely followed Release date and meme partner "Oppenheimer" received eight nominations, including Best Picture Drama, Best Director for Christopher Nolan and nominations for actors Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr. and Emily Blunt.

Coy praised awards producer Dick Clark Productions and the owner of the Globes' longtime home, the Beverly Hilton.

“This production company has been nothing but top notch,” he said. “The relationship with CBS is beautiful. It's fun to watch because that's the way things are supposed to go. We need to start moving forward. This is this. We are moving forward now. You learn from the past and make sure it doesn't happen again."

Coy said he looks forward to bringing his brand of relatable humor to the Globes stage.

“They're giving me their blessing to be me,” he said. “I want to bring my style to the Globes. Of course, I'll enjoy. But most importantly, I want to make sure everyone is happy. I'm going to make fun of myself. If I can do that, I can make fun of other people.

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