Haley criticized DeSantis for stumping in Iowa with Massey, who countered the votes by decrying anti-Semitism

ALTOONA, Iowa (AP) - nikki haley Republican presidential rival condemned Ron DeSantis In Iowa on Sunday to campaign in the state with Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, the only House Republican who last week voted against a GOP resolution condemning anti-Semitism on university campuses.

"You can't be pro-Israel and bring the most anti-Israel Republican to this state," said Haley, who voted against fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses. "And this is what he brought to your kingdom."

Haley's criticism of DeSantis for campaigning with Macy's on Saturday, at the end of a campaign event at a suburban Des Moines bar and grill, reflects growing pressure for both to emerge as strong alternatives to the former president from Iowa. . Donald Trump,

Trump is the strong favorite to win the Iowa leadoff caucuses on January 15. At a campaign event in eastern Iowa last week, Trump stressed that a victory in Iowa would help him unify the party early in the 2024 balloting. "The margin of victory is very significant, it is very significant," Trump told his audience in Coralville.

The public spat between DeSantis and Haley is escalating as it does during the debates, while ads from groups supporting each have blasted each other's campaign in the Iowa caucuses less than a month ago. Has demanded.

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DeSantis campaigned with Massey in Iowa when the two held a town hall-style event geared toward gun rights policy in the northern Des Moines suburb of Johnston, Iowa.

Massie has previously criticized legislation linked to anti-Semitism, including voting against related GOP-sponsored proposals restricting free speech. Israel-Hamas war began.

Support for Israel is a top priority for most Republicans, especially evangelical Christians who make up an influential block in the Iowa GOP and many of whom believe that Jews are God's chosen people and Israel is their rightful homeland.

DeSantis has called for American support for Israel, praising its effort to deliver medical supplies to the country from Florida and the evacuation of hundreds of Americans from Israel in the wake of the October 7 attack led by Hamas. DeSantis has also called for the destruction of Hamas.

DeSantis' campaign rejected criticism of campaigning with Massey.

Brian Griffin, press secretary for DeSantis' campaign, said, "Ron DeSantis has been the clearest, most consistent pro-Israel candidate in the race." β€œHe has clearly supported Israel in eliminating Hamas.”

Haley called on Israel to "eliminate them", referring to Hamas, the group responsible for the October 7 attack.

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