Danish royals attend church service for Mark King Frederick’s first visit outside the capital

Aarhus, Denmark (AP) — Denmark's royal family attended a special "celebratory church service" at Aarhus Cathedral on Sunday. new king frederick xFlanked by his wife Queen Mary and mother Queen Margrethe, he waved to the crowd gathered outside the 12th-century building, which is the country's tallest church.

The royal family traveled 3.5 kilometers (2.2 mi) from Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city, from the royal residence Marselisborg Castle to Aarhus Cathedral.

The church service took place just a week after 55-year-old Frederick was proclaimed king, succeeding his 83-year-old mother. Margrethe signs her resignation letter During the meeting with the government.

Aarhus resident Christina Elmström said she hoped Frederick and Queen Mary would change the Danish monarchy "in their own way." She brought her children to experience a "big, major event."

"So, it was an opportunity to go and meet the new king and my kids are very excited about it," she said.

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“Normally, you'd spend three months planning it, but we had two and a half weeks, something like that. So we're very busy, let me tell you," he said. "I chose some hymns that we were going to sing, and the king said, I would like to sing these hymns."

The hour-long service marked Frederick's first official visit as king outside the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Police expected around 70,000 people to turn up on the royal route.

"I think he's going to be the people's king," said Aarhus resident Charlotte Houman. “I think he will embrace the people…He will be different in his way of governing. I think he won't be too over the top, but he will embrace people, different types of people. And not being on this high seat somewhere.”

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