Britain allows Ukrainian refugees to stay for the next 18 months


LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will grant an additional 18-month extension to Ukrainian visa holders who are eligible to stay in the United Kingdom, the Home Office said on Sunday.

Starting in 2025, thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine after Russia’s invasion will be able to apply to live in Britain and gain rights to access work, health care and education, the government said.

Immigration Minister Tom Pursglove said in a statement, “This new visa extension scheme provides certainty and reassurance to Ukrainians in the UK about their future as this war continues, and we are committed to providing a safe haven for those fleeing the conflict. will continue.”

Britain has two schemes for Ukrainian refugees – one for those who already have family in Britain and the other allowing Britons to offer accommodation to people fleeing the war – because of Russia’s crackdown on Ukraine. The third year of the invasion is coming to a close.

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Bakhmut region, Ukraine – 3 November: Ukrainian military special forces unit fires RPGs at enemy positions "Kurt & Co Group" Capture the first line of the front line of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Bakhmut district of Ukraine on November 3, 2023.  Ukrainian forces are struggling to retake Bakhmut, which was captured by Russian forces in May after a year-long war.  In the summer, Ukraine recovered the area north and south of Bakhmut, but Russia occupied the city itself.  (Photo by Kostya Liberov/Libcos/Getty Images)

The Home Office said the extension would affect more than 283,000 Ukrainians in Britain.

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As part of its efforts to support Ukraine in its military efforts, Britain also said it would supply thousands of drones to Kiev and urged US lawmakers to vote for a $95 billion security aid package for Ukraine and other allies. requested.

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