Blinken puts US pressure on post-war Gaza plan and to stop conflict in UAE and Saudi Arabia


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has begun a third day of meetings on an urgent Mideast diplomatic mission to prevent Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza from turning into a wider regional conflict.

Blinken was meeting with United Arab Emirates leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed ahead of a trip to Saudi Arabia on Monday for talks with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aimed not only at keeping the war under control but also after the war. Major Arab leaders were to be involved in the preparation. The future of conflict Gaza.

With Sheikh Mohammed in Abu Dhabi, Blinken “stressed the importance of preventing further escalation of the conflict and the continued US commitment to achieving lasting regional peace that ensures the security of Israel and an independent Palestinian state.” “advances the establishment of,” the State Department said.

Blinken arrived in Abu Dhabi from similar meetings in Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Greece, where he claimed at least modest success in his mission with pledges from those countries to help rebuild and govern Gaza after the fighting ends. Will consider contributing to planning efforts. , Gaza has been devastated by three months of Israeli bombardment, causing widespread damage and large numbers of civilian casualties, sparking anger around the world.

The success of any such plan would require financial and in-kind support from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and US officials said Blinken, on his fourth visit to the region since the war began in October, would consider “day It was hoped to overcome initial Arab resistance. Post-Scenario for Gaza. Arab countries are pressing for an immediate ceasefire and a halt to civilian deaths before such plans can be discussed.

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But after their first meetings on his latest trip, Blinken said he was talking with officials about contributing to post-war plans and using his influence to prevent an extension of the conflict and potentially direct conflict. Fears of American involvement can be reduced. ,

“This is a conflict that could easily transform, leading to even more insecurity and even more suffering,” Blinken told reporters during a joint news conference in Doha with Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani. Can.”

“So from day one, in addition to other priorities, we have focused intensely on working to prevent the conflict from spreading,” he said. “We are committed to ensuring that the conflict does not escalate,” he said.

He said their talks also included “not necessarily easy discussions” about how each country will “provide the assurances and incentives needed to build a more secure and more stable, more peaceful future for the region” after the conflict ends. What can do”.

“And my conclusion from discussions so far with our friends in Qatar is that our partners are willing to have these difficult conversations and make tough decisions. “We all feel a stake in charting a path forward,” Blinken said.

Arab states have been highly critical of Israel’s actions and have avoided public support for a long-term plan, arguing that the fighting must end before such discussions can begin. They have been demanding a ceasefire since mid-October as civilian casualties skyrocketed.

Following his talks with Blinken, Sheikh Mohammed called for an immediate ceasefire, saying persistent images of death and destruction in Gaza are desensitizing people to the horror of what is happening.

“This is a big test for our humanity,” he said. “We are looking for a sustainable future. However, the focus now is on stopping the fighting.”

In Amman on Sunday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II “warned of the devastating consequences” of the war in Gaza and called on the US to press for an immediate ceasefire, a statement from the Royal Court said.

Israel has refused to agree to a ceasefire and the US has instead called for a designated temporary “humanitarian pause” to allow aid to arrive and people to safety.

Another immediate priority for Blinken is to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. In Amman, Blinken visited the World Food Program’s regional coordination warehouse, where aid is being packed into trucks for delivery to Gaza through both the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

“We are committed to doing everything possible to improve the situation of men, women and children in Gaza,” Blinken said.

Blinken will travel from Saudi Arabia to Israel, the West Bank and Egypt on Tuesday and Wednesday before returning to Washington.

The US has been pressing Israel for weeks to deliver greater amounts of food, water, fuel, medicine and other supplies to Gaza, and the UN Security Council passed a resolution on December 22 calling for an immediate increase in deliveries. Three weeks ago, Israel opened Kerem Shalom, adding a second entry point for aid into Gaza after Rafah.

Nevertheless, the penetration rate of trucks has not increased significantly. This week, an average of about 120 trucks a day came through Rafah and Kerem Shalom, according to UN data, down from the 500 trucks a day of goods that went through before the war and well below what aid groups say is needed.

Almost the entire population of 23 lakh depends on trucks coming from across the border for their survival. According to the United Nations, one in four Palestinians in Gaza is dying of hunger, and the rest are facing crisis levels of hunger

More than 85% of people in Gaza have been driven from their homes due to Israeli bombardment and ground attacks. most live United Nations Shelters, tent camps, or streets are crowded beyond their capacity.

Blinken’s visit comes as developments in Lebanon, northern Israel the Red Sea Iraq and Iraq have come under intense pressure over America’s modestly successful effort to prevent a regional conflict after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and international criticism of Israel’s military campaign grew.

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